Khana Americana

Two Cultures. One Plate.

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The Khana

Two Cultures. One Plate.


Curry of the Day

The father of Chicken Tikka Masala, Butter Chicken boasts an extensive array of spices that give the dish complexity and depth. Its onion and tomato gravy add sweet notes and the finishing touches of butter and cream heightens its smooth, thick and creamy texture. You have not had a curry until you have tasted our authentic Butter Chicken.

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Keema Butter Burger

If you want to get the true essence of Khana Americana you must try our Keema Butter Burger. This Indian take on a Carolina burger comes standard with two beef patties composted of ground chuck and short rib, covered with two sliced of Sharp Cheese topped with slow-cooking beef Keema all between buns slathered in butter.

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Southern Belle Meets Gully Boy

When Southern Belle Kisha wed Gully Boy Kartik they knew that they weren’t only joining families, but culture especially through food, as well. Both growing up in the food industry (with Kisha’s dad being an event caterer in South Carolina and Kartik’s mom having a lunch tiffin business in Mumbai) gave them both a passion and appreciation for their culture’s cuisine. One of the most exciting journeys for any blended family is getting to know one another’s cultural cuisines. They soon discovered that American Southern and Indian food, though dawning many differences, shared a few similar characteristics. The couple has spent time bonding, learning about each other’s favorite meals and came up with some creative, delicious recipes that showcase both cultures perfectly. So moved by their unique culinary achievement they have decided to take the leap and share their meals with their community. These are their recipes, life and love.

Khana Americana, its Birth

Khana means food in Hindi and Americana is a term that refers to things associated with the history and culture of America. Our name Khana Americana perfectly represents our menu; a balanced fusion of American and Indian cuisines. And when we say fusion don't think of the traditional fusion concepts many others try to achieve, our fusion is more low key. Kisha’s recipes are inspired by her Grandma Carine family recipes, to show homage she decided not to make drastic changes to her recipes. What you will find is traditional American and Indian cuisine with subtle flares of each other just to highlight how adjoining spices work well throughout each other's cultural cuisines.



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